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TOP Donors


The Tuskegee Airmen Motorcycle Club Detroit (TAMCDET) would like to thank the Manager of Walmart on 7 mile in Livonia, Steve, for his generous donation to the Children of the Westside Christian Academy school. His donation was provided along with the Presentation by the TAMCDET to inspire young minds so that they can be successful and productive members of our great Country.

Mike, Manager at SAMS Club in Novi, MI

This is Mike, and he is the Manager at Sam's Club in Novi, Michigan. Mike Eric and Sam's club was very generous in donating candy to Westside Christian Academy (WCA).WCA and Tuskegee Airmen Motorcycle Club Detroit (TAMDET) thanks Mike, Eric, and Sam's club for their participation in helping the TAMCDET make Halloween enjoyable for Westside Christian Academy during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Jim Austin of American Legion Riders

Tuskegee Airmen Motorcycle Club Detroit and Gloves of Love would like to thank Mr. Jim Austin of the American Legion Riders for his sizable donation of slightly used clothing to our December 26th clothing drive. Thank you, Jim, for your generous gift. It is greatly appreciated!

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